Introducing the Best Rebounding Boots in the market.. KANGOO JUMPS

 Although funny looking...

Kangoo Jumps are The Lowest Impact Boots available!

Kangoo Jumps are three exercisers in one...

An Eliptical
A Bozu Ball and
A Trampoline

And you get all the benefits of each!

In 1996, Denise Naville knowing the benefits of rebounding on a trampoline but with an urge to jog the streets, designed and developed "Kangoo Jumps" in Switzerland; adding a new twist to rebounding, making "pounding the pavement" fun, safe and easy on the joints!

  • Kangoo Jumps act as a shock absorber that generates a trampoline-like feeling of weightlessness.
  • Kangoo Jumps alleviates the two major issues with physical training: Safety and boredom
  • Kangoo Jumps is excellent for outdoor enthusiast, you can jog, run, jump, bounce and dance in them, experiencing all the benefits of rebounding, while saving your joints from injuries!

An excellent way to get fit, while having fun!

Who should use Kangoo Jumps:

  • Joggers
  • Runners
  • Individuals who miss "pounding the pavements" due to joint pains or knee injuries
  • Individuals who want to put a twist to their aerobic exercise
  • Anyone with the desire to increase caloric burn with a low impact high cardiovascular exerciser!
  • Adults weighing 100 to 200 lbs.

Scientific Studies done at the University of Nevada by Jason Vance and John A. Mercer confirm that Kangoo Jumps with their patented Impact Protection System reduce the impact up to 80% to all joints.

Their impact reduction also significantly enhances the healing process after sports injury, relieves pain and alleviates some of the symptoms of diseases such fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, arthritis and plantar fasciitis.


CALORIC BURN & OXYGEN UPTAKE STUDY: Studies show that while jogging on Kangoo Jumps your caloric burn and oxygen uptake is greater than when jogging in conventional running shoes. The studies show greater results when performing at a lesser pace than at a higher speed, translation "the slower you jog the more calories you burn"... which is excellent for individuals who have not performed any type of cardiovascular in a while, no guilt for jogging SSLOOWWW! 



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Heavier than 200 lbs?

Terrible Balance?

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