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New or Used

You may find "cheaper" KJ's on ebay, but those are usually used and OUTDATED KJ's .

Kangoo Jumps have been around since 1996, and many upgrades have been made to them to improve the bounce and prevent injuries.  If you are choosing to purchase rebounding boots you want the latest model, not an old model that will hurt your feet, not give you the bounce you need along with no warranty to help you... So please keep this mind when deciding where to purchase from.  (If your foot rolls in and the previous users feet rolled out, you will be a very unhappy person stuck with a very uncomfortable boot).


There are 3 Main Models 
2 for adults and 1 for children

  • The KJ-Power Shoe is for children
  • The KJ-XR3 is the standard model for most adults
  • The KJ-Pro is for people over 250 lbs or Body Builders over 200lbs.
For most adults weighing up to 250lbs the KJ-XR3 model is recommended.
If you are over 250 lbs the KJ-PRO is the recommended model for you. 
If the circumference four fingers above your ankle is greater than 12 inches
then Kangoo Jumps will not fit you.  

My personal recommendation for anyone over 300lbs or with thick ankles is to start jogging on the ReboundAir mini-rebounder, you can't jog in the park with it BUT the quality of the materials are good enough to keep it and use it outdoors, regardless of weather conditions.  PLUS other members in your household can also use it regardless of their shoe size.
Add some ankle weights, weighted forearm sleeves or a weighted jacket and you will get a heavy duty, high calorie burning workout (same as on Kangoo Jumps)!
Eventually once you drop the weight, you can purchase a pair of Kangoo Jumps.
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  • It is recommended to always wear long thick socks.
  • Use any inserts you would normally use in other shoes while wearing your Kangoos.  
  • If you are at the bottom of your size bracket unless you have wide feet you should move down a size bracket for the "perfect fit".  
  • If you are a half size unless you have wide feet move a size DOWN

Here is the sizing list:

  • XSMALL (Child Size 2 to 4) *Most women who are 4.5 or 5 with thin feet feel better in a XSMALL.
  • SMALL (Women's Size 4 - 6, Men's Size 5 - 7) *Most women who are 7 or 7.5 with thin feet feel better in a SMALL.
  • MEDIUM (Women's Size 7 - 9, Men's Size 6 - 8) *Most women 9.5 with thin feet feel better in a MEDIUM
  • LARGE (Women's Size 10 - 12, Men's Size 9 - 11) 

LADIES: here is a recommendation... If you are a size 5, 6 or 7 and a lightweight (under 120 lbs, or have very little muscle) you can order a KH Power Shoe size SMALL and feel comfortable with the bounce. 

If you have any doubts, please call me @ 480-251-7406 most of the time I can answer fitting questions over the phone.

Prices include Shipping & Tax within the United States only.  

For orders outside of the USA please visit please use code AFia830.  Thank you

For Non-Continental USA and other INTERNATIONAL orders please visit and use reference code AFia830 for discount.   Thank you!

KJ-XR3: This is the all rounder, unisex model, that fits 98% of buyers. Extremely comfortable, recommended for aerobic programs and is suitable for marathons. 


USA Domestic Order - Color Option:
Indicate Shoe Size

KJ-PRO 7: The KJ-Pro is for individuals over 250 lbs or Body Builders over 200 lbs. (Only color option is Gray/Red).

USA Domestic Order KJ-Pro7 Model Select Size
CANADA Order KJ-Pro7 Model Select Size


For Non-Continental USA and other INTERNATIONAL orders please visit and use reference code AFia830 for discount.   Thank you! 

Easily carry your boots when out and about or when traveling.  Bags are designed to carry KJ's and have a separate compartment for socks or your wallet and come with two straps, a hand help and an over the shoulder strap for your carrying choice.

USA KJ Carry Bag - Select Color
CANADA Order KJ Carry Bag - Select Color

For  more Kangoo Jumps Spare Parts 
Use code 
AFia830 for discounted price.

TS6 - XR Springs: Replacement T-Spring for models KJ-XR3

CANADA Order T-SPRING Color Selection

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