Lifetime warranty covers ALL components for all users up to 400 lb on all models.

Shipping is FREE on ReboundAIR bundle purchases. (Continental US only) 
Allow $12.00 for the Stabilizing Bar.

Why the ReboundAir model is better than the other models:

ReboundAir took the number# 1 complaint that all mini-rebounders had which was "Ankle Pronation" and eliminated that problem; then went down the list and eliminated all other complaints.

With ReboundAir you get the best mini-rebounder in the market.  There are other brands which are less expensive, but none will offer you a Lifetime Warranty on ALL components plus FREE wear and tear replacement!

ALL the components are top quality, you can use it inside or outside and other members of your family can also use it, it is the most cost effective way to keep the family rebounding!

All ReboundAir models are: (ReboundAir 2011)

  • Health club quality
  • Aggressively tested at 400 lbs user weight.
  • Constructed with the latest in composite polymer materials used in aircraft and performance car engines.  Stronger yet lighter than metal frames.
  • The mat is designed with Permatron® trampoline fabric, which is the number one choice for trampoline mat fabric around the world based on quality, performance, durability, and value. The material does not stretch, crease or fold. It cushions joints while providing a firm and stable surface.  It has high tensile strength, excellent UV protection, and is resistant to mildew and water.  It can withstand constant flexing and stress.
  • Ankle pronation problems are prevented by the tapered spring design and spring tuning. 
  • The mat and 36 spring combination has been tested, enhanced and modified to provide the safest, most effective soft bounce.   Superior body alignment is achieved by the tapered spring design and "2V Pairing Pattern" securing the springs to the mat.
  • The legs unlock and fold, stowing perfectly into the frame.
  • The high caliber, wide belly springs are protected and integrated in the frame itself!
  • Free Wear and Tear Replacement.  All-Components, the mat, springs, frame, legs, spring bolts and studs are covered under the Lifetime Warranty. 
  • Built to last decades of regular use.
  • 30 day money back guarantee!
  • No assembly required.

Allow us to do some name dropping...

  • The Marine Corps in Quantico, VA, recently equipped their "Larsen Gym" with the standard ReboundAIR Rebounders!
  • Tony Robbins and Co! ordered 125 half-fold ReboundAir rebounders.
  • Biggest Loser purchased 8 Quarter Fold Rebounders
  • The quarter fold is first choice for traveling Reboundologist, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers and for those who want state-of-the-art Rebound Exercise equipment. 
Time to go Shopping:

CHOICE # 1 - The Quarter-Fold Rebounder 

The Ultimate Rebound™ Quarter-Fold Rebounder* Only $349.95
Comes with:

  1. Al Carter's World Lecture CD ($10 value)
  2. "Keep on Rebounding!" DVD ($24 value)
  3. The Custom Carrying Case ($35 value)
  4. Airport Pull Dolly ($40 value)
  5. Free Shipping ($27 Value - 48 Lower States only)

Purchase Quarter Fold @ $359.95 with 4 free gifts & FREE SHIPPING


Choice # 2 - The HALF-FOLD ReboundAir Rebounder

With Optional Sports Car RED Neoprene Cover

Half-Fold ReboundAir

Regularly $350.00
Now $309.95
Plus 4 Free gifts with purchase:
  1. Al Carter's World Lecture CD ($10 value)
  2. The "Keep on Rebounding!" DVD best seller ($24 value)
  3. A good looking durable Carrying Case           ($45 value)
  4. FREE SHIPPING! ($27 value -- lower 48 states)
Half-Fold ReboundAir
with 4 free gifts @ $329.95

Half-Fold Rebounder Color Option


CHOICE # 3 - Al Carter's Lifetime STANDARD ReboundAIR™ 
(Frame does not fold, only legs unlock and fold)

Standard ReboundAir 

Regular Price $280.00 - On Sale Now $269.95
Plus 3 Free gifts with purchase:

  1. Al Carter's World Lecture CD ($10 value) and the
  2. "Keep on Rebounding!" DVD best seller ($24 value)...
  3. FREE SHIPPING! ($37 saving; lower 48 states only)


Stabilizing bar is excellent to expand your range of exercises and give additional balance. Excellent for rehabilitation, children, first-timers, elderly, disabled, blind or for those who want to get crazy with high kicks!  Easy to assemble. This bar fits all 3 models.

Purchase Stabilizing Bar $82.00 includes shipping

3lb. Weights (sold in pairs):

Add resistance to your bounce! Increase the caloric expenditure and additionally tone your upper body using this safe, soft, durable 3 lb. weights.

$21.95 Includes Shipping

Please remember our name and our purpose. Save Your Joints is working in affiliation with ReboundAir and Kangoo Jumps to help you save your joints while getting healthier.   

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