Rebounding on a Mini-Rebounder

pic Courtesy of ReboundAir 2011

You've seen them before - those little mini trampolines made for individual use, you probably wondered why they bothered to make them when they couldn't possibly be as much fun as a big trampoline in the back yard, and why would anyone want to just bounce up and down?

It's incredible that such a motion of bouncing up and down against gravity can provide so many benefits to our body and health.

At home or in your office, shoes on or shoes off, all you need to do is jump on one and start bouncing to stimulate your lymphatic system and prevent osteoporosis.

You can also Power Boost your metabolism doing some HIIT exercises.... Jogging, jumping, or high knees (my favorite) as fast as you can for one minute and then stop for another minute and then do it again and stop again do this for 6 minutes every morning before breakfast and every evening before dinner. You will confuse your metabolism and your body will be in continuous burning mode!

No other exerciser, done in PJ's with shoes off, provides you the caloric burn or power boost to your lymphatic system as rebounding does.  No special training or class is required, just use your imagination... You can do a slight bounce, a light or quick jog, high knees, side kicks, twist, side to sides.  You will amaze yourself of all the impact exercises you can do on rebounder that you cannot do on the floor, without feeling any pain or stress on your joints!

5 minutes is all you need to get started, slowly but surely you will notice and be surprised at how fast your endurance builds up and two weeks later you are doing 20 minutes!

Rebound Exercise has been known to:

  • Strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments,
  • Helps bones become mineralized, dense and strong,
  • Help develop balance and coordination,
  • Maintain Homeostasis,
  • Improve the flow of blood through the small blood vessels of the bones,
  • Increase the heart’s pumping power,
  • Increase lymphatic system circulation,
  • Improve efficiency of the immune system.
  • It helps you look better and feel better.
  • It gives you a sense of control of your overall health.

Rebounding is a Full Aerobic, Cardiovascular and Strength Workout,  once you start rebounding within seconds you will notice their is no pain, only a feeling of gratitude from you body saying thank you for boosting our lymphatic system while doing the lowest impact highest cardiovascular exercise!

Check out these simple exercises...  

Pic courtesy of ReboundAir 2011

The Health Bounce

Keep both feet on the mat all times.

Serves as a warm-up, or a cool down.  Just 4 minutes of the Health Bounce gives a complete flush to your Lymphatic system (yes this simple).

You can do this exercise various times throughout the day if you have circulatory problems or to re-energize!

Pic Courtesy of ReboundAir 2011

The Aerobic Bounce

Moving arms and alternating one foot off the mat.

You can do a slight jog or a fast jog, do high knees, side kicks, butt kicks....

Your choice, just swing those arms and alternate a foot off the mat.

You can add some weights to make it more intense and you will feel without a doubt aerobic bounce provides an excellent cardiovascular workout! 

pic courtesy of ReboundAir 2011

The Strength Bounce

Both feet leave the mat at the same time.  But you don't have to go high to get the cellular strength development, although you eventually will!

You can do tucks, twist (work that waist), side-to-sides, jumping jacks.

Just pretend your a kid again jumping on the bed!

Encouraging stability...

A stability bar designed just for you... 

Giving you the ability to comfortably express your rebounding style while holding on!

pic courtesy of ReboundAir 2011

The Sitting Bounce
The mini-rebounder is not just for jumping!  Have a seat and start bouncing and feel the burn to those abs.
Lay back, do leg raises, tucks or any other exercise you would do on the floor but with the comfort of a supportive mat underneath you.
Sitting bounce is also excellent for individuals in rehabilitation to strengthen the spine and lower body muscles..

Fast effective exercise in the comfort of your home! 

If you are considering a mini-rebounder, get the best with a stability bar so that every member in your house-hold can also safely enjoy rebounding for a lifetime. ReboundAir has the highest quality rebounders, which is what you want for your joints.  With the highest quality mat material and the highest quality springs, means material won't eventually sag and won't cause your knees to hurt.

They also have the best Customer Service.

WARNING: Although rebounding feels easy, it is a high impact exercise.  Your muscles and your bones get a work-out, so if you are new at rebounding please please please on the first couple of times jumping don't do more than 20 minutes. Rebounding makes ALL your legs muscles workout AGAINST gravity, something you don't usually do everyday. You body will feel the workout (especially your buns). Take it easy the first week!