A Rebounding Testimony (Courtesy of ReboundAir)

My name is Dr. Larry Helveston, from Lake City, Tennessee.  A few months back I myself got into serious health trouble.  I was having gall bladder attacks that were referring pain to my upper back and chest area.  I was concerned that I might be having a heart attack so I went to the local medical doctor and had an EKG run just to be sure.  It showed nothing but he did find my blood pressure to be dangerously high (171/102) and wanted me to go on medication to bring it under control; boy did that ever wake me up, here I was teaching others how to be healthy and me in this kind of trouble!  Well that did it for me, I decided right then that I was NOT going to succumb to degenerative disease or accept what the medical doctor told me... "that it was just part of growing older (I’m 53)".

Four months ago I was approximately 220 lbs, 5’8 ft tall, out of shape and certainly not fit.  I had just read that the quickest way to lower blood pressure was rebounding.  The next thing I knew I was researching your website studying about rebounding; I said, “what do I have to loose?", I ordered my first rebounder about four months ago and have been hooked ever since.  I’m now approaching 170 lbs, my blood pressure averages 124/64.  I have more energy than I know what to do with.  I just plain ol’ feel great!!!  We have also changed our diet greatly and eat healthy and drink over 100 oz. of distilled water a day.  I’m also using your "Cell Food"  to feed me cellularly.

When I first started rebounding I could hardly do 5 minutes at a time, I was out of shape!! Now I am up to 45 minutes per day of resistance rebounding using wrist and ankle weights.  We do what we call disco dance rebounding and jump to the beat of the music.  It is really fun and doesn’t feel like exercise at all!!  I rebound seven days a week.  I also do strength training 3 days a week on a total gym.  I can’t say enough about your product and what it has done for me and my family!  We now have two rebounders in our office and we recommend them to all our patients, even my sweet 74 year old mother has ordered one and she can't wait to get it.

Drs. Larry and Teresa Helveston
Courtesy of ReboundAir 2011


I love rebounding its helped me with my back issues and helped me with weight loss.

I am so grateful to my girlfriend Belen for introducing me to Kangoo Jumps in January 2011, that is when my weight loss journey began, it wasn't easy at first, but I did it.  I did it in spite of the fact that 7 months later on July 30, 2011, helping my daughter move a piece of furniture I tweaked my back and herniated a disc at my L2-L3, within a few days I was consuming 800 mg of Ibuprophen 3x a day and 10mg of Percocet also 3x a day.  

Just a month before the incident I had started a Kangoo Jumps jogging group, I had people who counted on me to motivate them and lead them on a 2.5 mile jog, I couldn't quit.  So I researched on the internet and found some positive news  "rebounding is recommended for bulging disc", YAY!!!!  I had found the "permission" I was looking for and so I continued rebounding in-spite of therapist telling me I shouldn't (yes I am a rebel, and I'm not one who believes everything doctors say).  First I did a few days on my mini-rebounder and then I put on my boots on, took my meds and went for a jog with the group, I have to say -  that first day I jogged I was a tad bit nervous wondering if it really was a good idea to be jogging BUT I also thought what the heck I will soon most likely be getting an epidural block to reduce the swelling, so onward I went and I am glad I did, never did the pain get worst only little by little the pain decreased, and slowly I decreased my consumption of Ibuprophen and percocets. 

Recently a chiropractor approached me while I was wearing my Kangoo Jumps, and I got the chance to tell him how I had rebounded through my back issues, he basically said what I was doing with rebounding was decompressing my spine, when my spine got that moment of going against gravity, each vertebrae separating, the disc was having its chance of slipping back into place, absorbing fluid and healing (basically what many people pay thousands of dollars to be "decompressed by a machine).

BUT I have to mention that God also did send two other people to help me get out of pain...

1 - Mark Heward walked into my office, new in the neighborhood and was offering a free Myopractics Massage, of course I had to accept it, what are the chances of this being a coincidence  - I'm in pain and you walk into my office offering a free massage!  He was definitely a God send; that night was the first night I slept through the night.

2 - A week before my scheduled epidural block I made a phone call to a lady who we had become friends because of Kangoo Jumps. We were talking, updating each other and I mention that I was scheduled for an epidural block in 8 days, she asks me if she could do some "healing work" on me before I submit myself to more toxins in my body, it would be free as she was in the pre-certification stage.  I, of course say yes, and she drives to my office and proceeds to practice the "Emotion Code" on me (clearing of negative emotions that had accumulated in my body), we did this 3 days in a row, on the 4th day I cancelled my epidural block.

If you have the opportunity of meeting me in person you will know I am someone who loves to help people, especially help people get healthy.  I feel that I am blessed and guided to help others by teaching what works in a gentle, inexpensive and effective way.  To learn what else I implemented into my "getting healthy journey" please click here.  

Take care of you, it's the only body you have,

Sincerely, Elena

Rebounding Testimonies and

"Why you have choices"...

My goal with "Save Your Joints", is to help you understand the benefits of rebounding.  I am aware that everyone's personality, goals and comfort levels are very different.  Some people like exercising outdoors and some people don't; some people are coordinated to wear boots, some are not; and that is the reason you have choices.

I just want you to rebound for the benefit of your health and to save your joints while your at it; whether you do it on Kangoo Boots or on a rebounder, the choice is yours.

I promote ReboundAir because of the quality.  You can easily go to your nearest local exercise store and buy yourself a less expensive rebounder and in approximate two weeks your knees will start hurting and then you will give up on rebounding.  I don't want you to have that experience, ReboundAir are commercial grade rebounders, which will last you a lifetime regardless if you use it indoors or outdoors in water or in snow (see video), it comes with a Lifetime Warranty, even for users up to 400lbs. (you can read more on the Warranty on the SHOP Rebounder page)

It's hard for me to promote one over the other because I use both; first thing in the morning, I jog to the gym in my boots, workout, go back home.  In the evening before dinner, I rebound on the mini-rebounder to stimulate my metabolism and I also use my rebounder to do core exercises (watch the videos).

I never thought I would be one of those people, who would be obssesed about jogging but I have to admit, Kangoo Jumps has made me one of them!  With my calorie tracker I have confirmed the fact that "the slower you go the higher the calorie burn" so I really have no excuse about not being able to jog, it is also  strengthening my muscles, working against my osteoporosis, and giving me high calorie burn, and I am NOT pounding the cement like other joggers are; what more could I ask for?

If you can afford to buy both, then do so, but if you have to make a choice or if you are on a budget, then start with the mini-rebounder from ReboundAir; you can share it with other members in your household, including your children, implementing a routine, taking turns on/off the rebounder while doing other exercises like situps, planks, leg raises, etc.  Rebounding for children is excellent especially before school, as it helps them with coordination... 

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